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We encourage the body's natural healing mechanisms to take control and do the work for us.

For young and old, from every day aches and pains to sporting injuries.

Diagnostic sessions followed by personalised treatment plans depending on your ailment, lifestyle, and age.

We offer Medical Acupuncture

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Holly Taylor Osteopathy

Holly Taylor-Clifford, Osteopath


Osteopathy is a progressive way of detecting, treating and importantly preventing health problems by manipulating, stretching and massaging muscles and joints.

It is based on the principle that wellbeing depends on bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue functioning in balanced harmony.

Osteopathic practitioners understand the structure and function of the body and how to use it to alleviate discomfort. We use physical manipulation, stretching and massage, in order to:

  • Increase the mobility of joints
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Enhance the blood supply to tissues
  • Help the body to heal itself

Osteopathy can be used to treat all shapes and sizes, including babies, seniors and pregnant women. It is an effective way to help relieve pain and will benefit the whole body.

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Osteopathy may help . . .


Holly, at short notice took on my 14 year old son Max, who was suffering from back strain, due in no small part to the excessive time he spends in front of his computer!

Within one, one hour session she has got him back on the straight and narrow. I accompanied the session and can personally vouch for her professionalism, empathy and aptitude.

Thank you very much Holly

Simon Clubley, Charing Kent